Lubrication Problem?

We have the right solution for you!

Our Vision

As tribologists, we are convinced that friction and wear represent relevant system properties of tribological systems that can be actively influenced.

Due to our knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of tribology, we see it as our daily core task to make our environment a little less frictionless and thus to protect our finite resources as effectively as possible.

Our Mission

The economic damage caused worldwide by incorrectly designed tribological systems is of enormous importance – and this is exactly where our mission begins.

Our task as tribologists is to optimize the usability of tribological systems as much as possible and to prevent errors in the design and application of tribological systems.

And this has been our credo for over 45 years: We would like to have your lubrication problem!

We have been offering complex tribological solutions made in Austria since 1975 – from individual pieces to small series to large series.

Our mission statement

Regardless of the originator, scope, contribution to costs or profit, we want to solve the tribological problem above all in order to optimally adjust the mechanical system.

We shape our growth organically and sustainably, thereby undertaking to comply with all environmental, safety and hygiene-related laws and regulations as well as to continuously improve our processes and systems.

A carefully selected selection of raw materials for our products is provided exclusively by certified suppliers. Protecting our environment, acting in a safety-conscious manner and complying with all legal regulations is the task of every single employee in our organization.

Through regular information and training activities, we ensure the awareness of our employees and promote the initiative to raise awareness.

We assess and monitor the environmental impact of all our activities on a local and global level with the aim of reducing negative impacts on the environment as much as possible.

Our management system is subjected to an annual risk analysis in order to identify and minimize risk potential. Measures derived from this are systematically steered and their implementation and effectiveness in reducing the risk situation are checked.

Our resources are used carefully within the company. To do this, we use the most modern technologies and are aware of the required environmental compatibility of our tasks.

We select our staff carefully and sustainably, and we aim to reduce fluctuation. We see further training for our own staff as an investment in our company.

The achievement of the environmental and quality goals set by management are consistently pursued and are in line with our guidelines.

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