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The principle of climate neutrality

As an environmentally conscious company, sustainability is important to us. That is why we try to reduce CO2-emissions as much as possible. However, we cannot set our emissions to zero, so we offset everything that is left with the help of ClimatePartner.

Companies whose CO2-emissions have been calculated and offset through the support of internationally recognized climate protection projects are climate neutral. In addition to avoidance and reduction, offsetting CO2-emissions is another important step in holistic climate protection. Greenhouse gases are evenly distributed in the atmosphere, so the greenhouse gas concentration is roughly the same everywhere on earth.

It is therefore irrelevant where on earth emissions are caused or avoided. Emissions that cannot be avoided locally can therefore be offset by climate protection projects elsewhere.

We have therefore decided to support the climate project “Wind energy for Vader Piet, Aruba”.
Ten wind turbines in a landscape, goats can be seen in front of them

Wind energy, Vader Piet, Aruba

The power supply on the Caribbean island of Aruba depends mainly on diesel and other fossil fuels. With two major disadvantages: They have to be imported from abroad at great expense. And they cause significant amounts of CO2 emissions.

The climate protection project selected by Wessely GmbH, on the other hand, is doing pioneering work by using the island’s natural energy resource: the wind.

A wind farm with ten turbines and a total output of 30 megawatts was built on the east coast in Vader Piet. Every year 126.1 gigawatt hours are generated here, up to 15 percent of Aruba’s total electricity generation.

The project saves around 152,783 tons of CO2 per year that would be generated by electricity from fossil fuels. And it strengthens Aruba’s independent energy supply. As Aruba’s first wind farm, Vader Piet is also considered to be an important pioneering project for renewable energies in the entire region.

Eight wind turbines in the landscape

How does climate protection work with wind energy?

Since energy is generated from wind without fossil fuels, it is considered emission-free. The expansion of renewable energy generation is essential to stop global warming and secure energy supplies in the long term. The amount of emissions saved in a wind power project is calculated using the so-called baseline method: How much CO2 would the same amount of energy cause with the region’s usual electricity mix?

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