Mechanical Engineering and

Fixture Construction

Mechanical engineering and fixture construction

Special application methods are required for the application of bonded coating systems to series components. We design devices and special machines for the coating process, which are individually designed for your component. We can incorporate our many years of experience in the field of bonded coating application into our own special machine construction. This enables us to plan the construction you need in detail and to manufacture it conscientiously.

After a careful analysis of your tribological system and the selection of a suitable lubricating varnish system, preliminary tests are first carried out on your components. After the decision, these tests serve as the basis for creating an application specification.

After a common project definition, we start planning to determine a function and cost analysis. In project planning and implementation, we can adapt the customer requirements individually. Regardless of whether you need a single part coating or the application to series components, we will find a solution together.

Your experts for specialty lubricants, coatings and joining technology!

Wessely GmbH has been selling special lubricants and contract coating of bonded coating systems in Austria and the neighboring countries since 1975. The high product quality of the high-performance lubricants we use from our own production, combined with careful advice and punctual delivery service, enables us to supply our customers with the desired products on time. Industrial products are becoming more and more special and therefore require more and more specific lubricant solutions. From highly stressed bearings in paper machines to rubber seals in car headlights – every application requires the optimal lubricant solution that we can offer.

The products in our specialty lubricants program are developed and manufactured under strict quality guidelines. Through these measures, the qualitative assessment of our products and the assurance of the required delivery quality towards our customers can in principle be achieved with zero-defect quality.