Tribology in Space

Technology in space

Tribology in Space

Friction and wear are complex side effects of mechanical systems even outside the earth’s gravitational field. The demands on tribological systems in a high vacuum are, however, qualitatively very different compared to terrestrial conditions.

No separating layers can build up between friction partners in a high vacuum. These are normally caused by the atmospheric and gaseous environment and can thus significantly reduce wear.

In addition, cosmic rays influence the friction of many materials. The requirements for tribological systems in space remain, however. A large number of tribological systems are built into drives, actuating and positioning systems and mechanisms and must deliver ideal results under extreme conditions.

The high vacuum in space makes the use of conventional lubricants impossible.

The harsh ambient conditions and strong temperature changes are another requirement that the lubrication system must meet. In addition, it is often not easy to test the systems designed for weightlessness in advance.

With our bonded coating systems, we supply lubrication systems that meet these requirements, and that have been tried and tested several times for decades.

Technology in space

Like many a local technical specialist company that was already active in Austria in the 1990s, the company then run as Wessely O.H.G was invited to support the Austrian space program.

Sports equipment that was used to monitor the vital signs of the astronauts should be coated with a special anti-friction varnish at its bearing points.

To this day, Wessely GmbH is repeatedly involved in smaller projects in space technology and tribology in space.

Wessely has been a proud member of AUSTRIA in Space since 2021. In the future, this future market is to be further strengthened, thereby strengthening networking with partners and stakeholders in this sector.

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Wessely GmbH has been selling special lubricants and contract coating of bonded coating systems in Austria and the neighboring countries since 1975. The high product quality of the high-performance lubricants we use from our own production, combined with careful advice and punctual delivery service, enables us to supply our customers with the desired products on time.