Your design & our special lubricants

Private Labeling

Our special lubricants with your label!

Maybe you already had a product from us in your hand without knowing it.

Because many of our customers use our private labeling. We offer you the opportunity to offer our lubricants by means of private labeling in your own personal design and with your brand name.

Strengthen your brand!

With our private labeling concept, you offer your customers a perfect maintenance and lubricant program tailored to your products.

Your brand as a complete system in the foreground with special lubricants at the highest industrial level. We offer this service from small quantities and support you in product selection and in the design of the necessary documents.

New applications or modifications of existing specialty lubricants from our product range enable new innovative solutions.

Due to the precisely coordinated, synergistic solid lubricant combination, the highest lubrication performance, excellent pressure resistance, a wide temperature range and dry lubrication properties are excellently fulfilled. The basis for the high performance of our lubricants lies in the property of the solid lubricants to cling to the surface under sliding loads in the boundary and mixed friction area. This creates an extremely effective separating and lubricating layer between the friction partners even under extreme loads.

The advantages of lubricating connecting parts are therefore obvious. If you use our GLEIT-μ lubricants, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality lubricants that are precisely tailored to the respective area of ​​application. Our products are high-performance lubricants that can also withstand extreme requirements.

For example, in screwing technology, it is ensured that the friction coefficients for screw connections are reproducible and therefore predictable. This makes the conversion of torque into clamping force even more optimal and the screw connection safe and durable. Choosing the right lubricant also prevents the material of the connection from being damaged. This can happen if the wrong pastes are used. Furthermore, it is possible for us to coat your components in our contract coating company according to your special requirements with our bonded coatings. This leads to a perfect result, since application errors can be excluded and the sliding layer is absolutely even.