Connection Technology

Electric and cordless torque wrenches

HYTORC has completely redeveloped the electric torque-angle wrench with the Lithium Series II. The Lithium Series II convinces with expanded functionality, more stability and more intuitive operation – especially for screw connections with high demands in machine and vehicle construction as well as in the energy and chemical industries.

Compatible with the CLAMP expansion nut and the washer system.







Unique: TorceSenseTM Technology

  • Precise measurement of torque when screwing with electric screws using an extra torque measuring shaft
  • Exact, unlimited repeatability of a constructively defined screwing process

Digital & intuitive

  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth
  • Automated firmware updates
  • Complete documentation
  • New user interface for easy handling

All-aluminum housing

  • Improved impact resistance and durability
  • Optimal component protection
  • Robustness for use under extreme conditions
As the world’s first electric torque screwdriver, it can also be used without a reaction arm!

In connection with our innovative connecting elements such as non-rotating washers, there are no reaction loads outside the screw axis. In conjunction with the HYTORC expansion nut, the FlashGUN-DE can be used to mechanically tension all screw connections even without torsion and side loads to exact pre-tensioning repeatability. Conventionally, any commercially available screw can be screwed on quickly and in a controlled manner using a reaction arm. The torque is introduced without impact, continuously rotating and precisely into the screw connection. Once the desired torque has been reached, the freewheel function ensures that the tool can be easily removed from the screwdriving case. The development of the FlashGUN-DE focused on compactness, ergonomic handling and the highest possible torque accuracy. At the same time, the requirements with regard to the robustness, industrial suitability and durability that are familiar from HYTORC had to be achieved.

The powerful electric torque wrench from 220 Nm to 4,000 Nm

  • Mains voltage 230 volts / 50Hz
  • Currently 3 models up to 4,000 Nm torque to choose from
  • Exactly adjusting torque
  • High screwing speed in all torque levels
  • Exact shutdown when the final torque is reached
  • Can also be used in confined spaces
  • Automatic switch-off with freewheel function after reaching the set torque
  • Low noise, shock and vibration free
  • Compact planetary gear with small radii
  • Fast switching from tightening to loosening – no incorrect operation possible
  • Low weight with optimal weight distribution
  • Versatile use with ring spanner attachments
  • Can be used on any 230V connection
  • Can also be used without a reaction arm and with a counter key

Certified security

The following extensive tests by independent test centers were passed:

  • Degree of protection IP-54: Dust and splash water protected
  • EMV / EMC: Electromagnetic compatibility
  • RoHS: Limitation of dangerous substances (lead, mercury, cadium …)
  • ECHA / REACH: Registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals
  • LVD: Low Voltage Directive
  • CE: European Union
  • CB: Certification Body

Equipment features

  • Fast loosening of tight screws
  • High adjustable torque output up to 4,000 Nm
  • Wide range of applications and uses
  • High productivity through fast screwing
  • Can be used variably thanks to quick tool changes (accessories)
  • Reduction of the noise level
  • No vibrations and impacts during screwing work
  • Ergonomic design and light weights
  • 1,400 watt motor
  • Forward and reverse
  • 1-speed load gear
  • Low weight (maximum 8.5 kg including reaction arm!)

The powerful cordless torque screwdrivers from 30 Nm to 950 Nm with 18 volt battery, color display and optimal weight distribution.

The 18 volt cordless torque screwdriver models LiON GUN 18V-0.25 and LiON GUN 18V-0.70 are two completely new, mobile, low-noise and impact-free assembly tools with a full-color display and integrated data acquisition for industrial use. All recorded data can be exported from the tool directly to a PC or tablet and thus documented. Both models impress with precise, repeatable torques from 30 to 330 Nm or from 200 to 950 Nm and their low overall weight of only 3.5 kg or 4.0 kg. In addition, both tools have an angle of rotation function.



Product Advantages

  • Precise and repeatable torque
  • Low noise and vibration free
  • With digital display and integrated data acquisition with low total weight
  • Export all recorded data conveniently to a PC or tablet
  • Integrated tightening process torque angle
  • Wide range of applications thanks to extensive accessories
  • Infinitely adjustable torque range from 30 Nm to 950 Nm
  • Low noise and vibration free
  • Can also be used in confined spaces
  • Automatic switch-off with freewheel function after reaching the set torque
  • Low noise, shock and vibration free
  • Can also be used without a reaction arm or with a counter key

Equipment features

  • 18 volt – 4.1 Ah lithium-ion cordless wrench (brushless motor) with torque outputs from 30 Nm to 950 Nm for M8 to M33 screws
  • Intuitive user guidance via display
  • 360 ° freely rotatable drive
  • Standard square drive from 1/2 to 3/4 inches
  • Fast switching from tightening to loosening
  • Calibration certificate for new delivery
  • Can be used for axial screwing, meaning Bolting without reaction arm and counter wrench