Our special lubricants are developed and manufactured under strict quality guidelines.

This is exactly our passion - and with a little patience it can be achieved

A coefficient of friction on request? That is exactly our passion – and with a little patience it can be achieved.

After a tribological system has been comprehensively analyzed, an overall concept for a lubricant application can be developed. The desired coefficient of friction for your application is mapped precisely and in a way that can be reconstructed in one process. And so it is offered as a one-off special solution or as a service procedure.

With our options in the production of special paint systems and the entire range of high-performance products in the special lubricant area, we are able to work out your desired coefficient of friction. In principle, it does not matter whether it is a one-off diploma thesis or a series application – ask us about your lubricant solution without obligation!

Wessely GmbH has been selling special lubricants and contract coating of bonded coating systems in Austria and the neighboring countries since 1975. The high product quality of the high-performance lubricants we use from our own production, combined with careful advice and punctual delivery service, enables us to supply our customers with the desired products on time. Industrial products are becoming more and more special and therefore require increasingly special lubricant solutions. From heavily loaded bearings in paper machines to rubber seals in car headlights – every application needs the optimal lubricant solution that we can offer.

Our specialty lubricants are developed and manufactured under strict quality guidelines. Through these measures, the qualitative assessment of our products and the assurance of the required delivery quality towards our customers can in principle be achieved with zero-defect quality.

With reliable production machines and the most modern testing and research equipment, lubricants are developed and produced for the highest demands

We offer professional advice and service in all lubrication-related questions and can also take on contract work for you in our coating company. Through regular information and training activities, we ensure the awareness of our employees and promote the initiative to raise awareness.

We assess and monitor the environmental impact of all our activities on a local and global level with the aim of reducing negative impacts on the environment as much as possible. Our management system is subjected to an annual risk analysis in order to identify and minimize risk potential. Measures derived from this are systematically steered and their implementation and effectiveness in reducing the risk situation are checked.

Our resources are used carefully within the company

To do this, we use the most modern technologies and are aware of the required environmental compatibility of our tasks.

We select our staff carefully and sustainably, and we aim to reduce fluctuation. We see further training for our own staff as an investment in our company.

The achievement of the environmental and quality goals set by management are consistently pursued and are in line with our guidelines.