With reliable production machines and the latest testing and research equipment, lubricants are developed and produced for the highest demands.

High End Special Lubricants

In order to meet the requirements in the high-end sector, such as in nuclear applications or space travel, in motor sports or in the pharmaceutical, electrical engineering and automotive industries, there are special requirements.

This aspect is particularly important in the premium area and so the special products supplied in these areas are also subject to correspondingly higher requirements than conventional areas of application.

Every detail counts in order to deliver a highly effective special product for the highest requirements and constant conditions, which is why our special lubricants are formulated exclusively from highly pure ingredients.

Our customers rely on the consistent, high quality of our products. As a specialist for smaller series in the premium area, you meet these requirements with passion.

The test criteria are determined in consultation with the customer. The qualification of our products and processes are subject to high quality standards.

The limit values ​​of each batch are checked by specialist staff before use and are subject to approval by the production management.

The quality of our products is guaranteed through technically optimal storage of all ingredients and strict process management in the manufacture of our products.

We use different test methods in different areas in order to create a tribologically optimal overall concept.

Wessely Labor for special lubricants

New applications or modifications of existing specialty lubricants from our product range enable new innovative solutions.

Due to the precisely coordinated, synergistic solid lubricant combination, the highest lubrication performance, excellent pressure resistance, a wide temperature range and dry lubrication properties are excellently fulfilled. The basis for the high performance of our lubricants lies in the property of the solid lubricants to cling to the surface under sliding loads in the boundary and mixed friction area. This creates an extremely effective separating and lubricating layer between the friction partners even under extreme loads.

The advantages of lubricating connecting parts are therefore obvious. When you use our GLEIT-μ lubricants, you can be sure that you are receiving high-quality lubricants. These are precisely tailored to the respective area of ​​application. Our products are high-performance lubricants that can also withstand extreme requirements.